• What is the Craft Nation Platform?

    Craft Nation is a mobile marketing platform enabling all craft suppliers the opportunity to identify, engage, and reward their best fans and convert them into true brand ambassadors. In the 3-tiered distribution model, Craft Nation enables the supplier to finally get to know their consumers and fans and develop a 1:1 relationship.

    Opportunities to engage with your consumers through an unique Augmented Reality function in the mobile app include, but is not limited to; bringing your brand forward during a tasting experience, interactive brewery tours, encouraging brand ambassadors to support your brand at events or retail stores, crowd source your story through social sharing, 1:1 dialogue in real-time, create a unique loyalty program, mobile-gaming, and authentic video content.

  • How does Craft Nation work?

    Craft Nation is a mobile app (Google Play & iTunes) for the consumer and a powerful Content Management and Data Analytic platform for the supplier. Participating suppliers have control over all content, which can include animations, videos, augmented reality, and integration to other solutions such as VIP. Anytime a consumer interacts with a supplier brand, the branding in the app changes to the supplier branding and supplier content. Suppliers can analyze the consumer interest and interact directly with these consumers and reward them for their engagement.

  • What if I have my own branded mobile app, or was planning on building one?

    The challenge with a single branded app is you will be 100% responsible to keep the users engaged so they don’t delete your app. With Craft Nation’s platform, users are engaged by the content from multiple suppliers. We all know that consumers are never going to be 100% loyal to a single brand, so Craft Nation makes it easy for the consumer to engage with all their favorite brands in a single platform.

    Plus, with a single branded app, you only know how the consumer is engaged with your brand. With Craft Nation, you understand not only your engagement with the consumer, but you understand your share of the consumer’s loyalty.

  • How can my distributor help?

    In the 4 tier world of alcohol delivery, the distributor can play a huge role in the local sales and marketing efforts for your brand….in some cases they are the face of your brand in a market. Empower your distributor teams to engage your fans locally, and give them the tools they need to successfully make your brand stand out in a crowded marketplace. No more “pouring & hoping” at events. Identify, engage, and reward. Local events and missions can be communicated directly through the platform and for the first time, you will know the success of your sales & marketing spend in market. Who is engaged? What do they like? Where do they connect with you?

  • I don’t have a big marketing team, who will manage the platform?

    The platform is designed to be flexible to your time and needs. Anyone in your organization can manage the platform for their own specific needs (such as sales and events) and we can assign an account manager specific to your brewery for the on-boarding, implementation, and ongoing management.

  • There is already not enough time in the day! Why should I add another platform?

    What could possibly be more important than knowing who your ultimate consumer is? Isn’t that why you are in business? Websites, emails, and other social media platforms are passive outlets for your message. You throw it out and hope someone reads it. Its the same message for everyone, so you have to keep it general and in the middle of the road.

    With Craft Nation, you can identify your fans based on their preferences, what they like about you, where they engage with you—-and tailor your communication with that specific user or group of users. Do your users care about events that are on the other side of the country? Do they want to hear about your new product if it is a style they don’t like? They are seeking a personal relationship and Craft Nation facilitates it for you.

  • I already have a website and Facebook page, why should I add the Craft Nation Mobile App?

    Craft Nation is not a replacement, but rather a complement to your existing social media strategy. Mobile has taken over as the dominant platform for consumers to interact with brands and make a purchase. Mobile also provides you with more information about your fans, so you know your consumers as individuals rather than as aggregate data.

    With your website or other social media platforms, you have a single message that goes to everyone. Same message to all. Not very personal and not what today’s consumer expects. So your current strategy gets the message out to everyone, and Craft Nation helps you personalize your relationship with your individual consumer and convert them into Brand Ambassadors.

  • How do I get started?

    It’s simple, email sales@craftnation.com and an associate will be in touch shortly. The OnBoarding Process can be as basic as you like and we have a team dedicated to implementing your branding and marketing into the platform for you! The key is understanding your fans, where they like to engage with you and starting the journey with them. For many breweries, it begins at the brewery/visitor center. For others, it begins with their events and their promotional calendar. Either way, you can start small and build a successful program. 

  • My Distributors handle my Sales & Marketing, how do we get started?

    Craft Nation was designed to support multiple users per account, so you can add all of your distributors, assign them the appropriate rights, and they can manage their local efforts on a single platform.

    From a centralized perspective, you can implement your product and authentic stories about your brand which is available to all your fans and you can manage the local experience at your brewery. Your distributors can create local events & missions and engage your fans in their local market. You get to see all of your fans and customers across all markets, and your distributors manage them on a local basis. Isn’t that what you agree to at your annual planning sessions?

    No more guessing on the success of a tasting or festival. You will know not only how many people you engaged, you will know who they are, what they like, and what they want.

  • I’m just a local BrewPub, how would this work for me?

    Even if you are a stand alone BrewPub, you are part of the larger craft brewery world and therefore are competing with all the same consumers that are on the hunt for great craft beer. You still need to stand out and engage your fans and remain top of mind. You can create simple reward programs to keep your consumers coming back to you. Craft beer drinkers have so many options today and you need to ensure you capture their attention as often as possible. This is especially critical when you are just launching as you are the “new guy” on the block. Take advantage to learn who has taken the time to visit, what they like, what they want—-and then engage & reward them.

  • I am in multiple regions, how do I coordinate all of my activity?

    Craft Nation is a multi-tenant, multi-user platform. So as a supplier, I can have my sales team, marketing team, agency, and distributors using the same platform. The local team can manage the local events, missions and notifications. The corporate office and agency can manage the branding and story telling. The management team can analyze the data and for the first time understand the effectiveness of the sales and marketing budgets.

  • I already work with an agency for all my branding, how would they work with Craft Nation?

    The Craft Nation platform was designed to have multiple users support each account. So if your agency does the work, all you need to do is add them as a user to your account. You can control their access to specific functions or they can manage the whole process for you. Craft Nation supports common file formats, and the content management tool is broken into basic and user friendly elements, so no training is required to get started. Of course, Craft Nation support will always be there for you and your agency to get started.

  • So I get all this data, now what?

    Craft Nation’s goal is not to give you more data. Our goal is to provide you with actionable data. Rate of sale is the big metric for your retailers and on-premise accounts. How can you influence your rate of sale if you don’t know who your consumer is? Can you demonstrate that you move your tribe of fans so you do get a tap handle or shelf space in the cooler? Quickly analyze and filter who loves a specific brand in a specific marketplace, and reward them to support you in that marketplace. People want to be part of your success. It’s going to take more than just good product in this crowded marketplace.

  • My team is not very tech savvy, is the platform user friendly?

    You probably have all the content—some of it on your website, a few YouTube videos and all of your product collateral. It literally takes minutes to add content and it updates automatically. If you can type, you are in the game. If you want to create augmented reality experiences, animations, custom videos, etc., Craft Nation has partnered with firms around the globe to support development of this content, or the platform is designed to have your agency upload their content. Standard file formats are supported throughout the platform and Craft Nation support is always available to help you tell your story.

  • I already get great crowds at events and my brewery, why do I need this?

    Why bother giving away all the samples of your product, if you don’t know who you are giving it to? Don’t you want to know who your consumers are? Do they really like your products or do they like it because it is a free sample? Craft Nation enables you to engage these consumers, help your brand stand out and create a true relationship as opposed to “hoping” the event will translate into future business. If someone has taken the time to travel to your brewery/distillery/vineyard, why wouldn’t you want to know who they are? Not passively via an email list, but pro-actively via a mobile platform. Understand which products they like, where they like to engage with your brand, and reward them for helping you grow.