Privacy Policy

We want you to know that it is a priority at Craft Nation to keep all personal information in the strictest confidence.

  1. Craft Nation will not sell or share your personal data.
  2. Breweries that are customers of Craft Nation, will have access to any of the interactions that you have with them. This includes scanning their beer bottles, interacting with their target images, rating a beer, etc. This enables the brewery to send notifications to you via the app based on your interactions. Our contract with the brewery prohibits them from selling any of your personal data.
  3. The only required data you need to provide is an email and a password. Any additional information you provide is at your personal discretion. If you share your demographic information in the Settings section, it will be available for any customer brewery that you interact with in the app. They can only use the information to better understand your engagement with them to better serve you. As stated above, they may not share or sell any of this information. They may send notifications to you via the app to make you aware of promotions and ask you to participate in a Mission or attend an event. If you wish to not interact with the breweries, please disable the notification via your phone. Future releases, will enable you to turn this notification function off on a per brewery basis.