Scan It and Find It Engine

The platform’s scanning function is designed for infotainment. Fans can easily uncover the brewery and/or product story by scanning your bottles, cans, coasters and tokens. It’s a simple but highly interactive and memorable way to excite consumers.

It’s also important visual retention. Imagine the typical brewery visit with four or five 4oz glasses filled with fresh brown liquid – all with cool names. Savor the flavor and remember which ones you liked best. A week later, your new fan is standing in front of their local liquor stores “Wall of Indecision”. What did they like, what does the label look like, where is it on the crammed and confusing craft beer section? The Augmented Reality Engine displays your packaging in their “Wishlist” or “Favorites” for easy identification.

As importantly, through our integration with VIP Systems, scanning the label reveals where your products are poured and can be purchased. It couldn’t be easier to help your brands to stand out, be found and thoroughly enjoyed.